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SCHOTT ZWIESEL Wine Glasses | UK Catalogue 2017-18

The complete ADIT | SCHOTT ZWIESEL UK wine glass ranges

  • Schott ZWIESEL machine-made glasses in durable TRITAN® crystal 
  • ZWIESEL 1872 fine, mouth-blown ranges
  • Fortessa® of America Spa / Outdoor range in Tritan Co-polymer resin 

NEW  Schott Zwiesel BISTRO  |  Schott Zwiesel SENSA  |  Schott Zwiesel MODO

Schott Zwiesel Events & Banqueting Glasses   Schott Zwiesel AIR ultra-fine stems  Schott Zwiesel AUDIENCE Events Glasses  

BISTRO by Schott Zwiesel  Schott Zwiesel Champagne Flutes  Schott Zwiesel Champagne Tulips     

Schott Zwiesel CLASSICO  Schott Zwiesel CONGRESSO  Schott Zwiesel CRU CLASSIC  

Schott Zwiesel DIVA  Schott Zwiesel FINE  Schott Zwiesel FINESSE

Schott Zwiesel FINESSE ETOILE Stems  Schott Zwiesel FINESSE FLEUR Stems  Schott Zwiesel FINESSE SOLEIL Stems 

 Schott Zwiesel FORTISSIMO  Schott Zwiesel IVENTO  Schott Zwiesel MODO 

Schott Zwiesel MONDIAL  Schott Zwiesel PORT & DESSERT Wine Glasses  Schott Zwiesel PURE 

Schott Zwiesel PURE LOOP  Schott Zwiesel SOMMELIER EQUIPMENT  Schott Zwiesel TASTE 

Schott Zwiesel VINA  Schott Zwiesel WINE TASTING Glasses  

Zwiesel 1872 Mouthblown Wine Glass Ranges  Air Sense by Mouthblown by Zwiesel 1872  Enoteca by Zwiesel 1872 

Zwiesel 1872 Hommage Carat  Zwiesel 1872 Hommage Comete  Zwiesel 1872 Hommage Glace 

Zwiesel 1872 SIMPLIFY  The First by Zwiesel 1872  Zwiesel 1872 WINE CLASSICS SELECT  

Schott Zwiesel Available UK-wide  Schott Zwiesel Quality through Design  Schott Zwiesel TRITAN Durable Crystal Glass  

Plastic Glasses for Spas & Outside

Each design offers a range of glass capacities for red, white & sparkling wine varieties.
Every range includes a Burgundy style glass for full-bodied red wines.

You will also find matching Champagne glasses.
And co-ordinated water, barware, digestive & cocktail glasses, too.

Some ranges include matched decanters & carafes.

SCHOTT ZWIESEL UK | Permanent Stem Tempering

Schott Zwiesel TRITAN Protect Permanent Stem TemperingSchott ZWIESEL TRITAN® glass is naturally 60% tougher than ordinary crystal glass.

TRITAN® Protect is Schott Zwiesel's permanent stem tempering treatment.
It doubles the stem break strength of these ranges (compared to untreated glass).   

The following ranges benefit from TRITAN® Protect:

Air | CRU Classic | Diva | Estelle | Fiesta | Fine | Finesse | Grace | Pure | Pure Loop | ViƱa


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There’s an elegant, durable Schott Zwiesel crystal wine glass to suit any occasion: – fine dining – buffets - banquets & catering events.

This concludes our ADIT | SCHOTT ZWIESEL UK wine glass page.