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SCHOTT ZWIESEL Contemporary Cut-glass Wine & Bar Glasses

Red | White | Champagne | Water | Long drink | Whisky & Cocktail Glasses

A Schott Zwiesel Cut-glass is cut by hand never pressed.
The result is a glass that delightfully reflects ambient light inviting the drinker to savour their beverage.

Zwiesel 1872 Hommage Carat  Zwiesel 1872 Hommage Comete  Zwiesel 1872 Hommage Glace   

Basic Bar CLASSIC cut-glass by Schott Zwiesel   Basic Bar MOTION cut-glass bySchott Zwiesel  Basic Bar SURFING cut-glass by Schott Zwiesel    

Hommage Carat by Charles Schumann for Zwiesel 1872  Hommage Comete by Charles Schumann for Zwiesel 1872  Hommage Glace by Charles Schumann for Zwiesel 1872 

Mixing Jugs Schott Zwiesel Range  Hand-made Cocktail Glasses by Zwiesel 1872

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