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SCHOTT ZWIESEL | Bar Glasses & Bar Equipment

A visual overview of the ADIT | SCHOTT ZWIESEL UK Bar glass ranges (including ZWIESEL 1872). 
Each design offers matched tumblers, long drink, beer, water, digestive, shot and cocktail glasses.
You'll also find matching ice-buckets, mixing jugs & shakers.

Many of these ranges also have matching wine and Champagne glasses, too.

NEW  |  Schott Zwiesel Basic Bar Selection - Contemporary Cut-glass  |  Schott Zwiesel LIFE Tumblers

Schott Zwiesel 10 DEGREES BAR SERIES Glasses  Schott Zwiesel BANQUET Bar Glasses  Schott Zwiesel BAR SPECIAL Glasses  
Schott Zwiesel SCHUMANNS BASIC BAR Glasses  Schott Zwiesel BASIC BAR CLASSIC Bar Glasses  Schott Zwiesel BASIC BAR MOTION Bar Glasses  

Schott Zwiesel BASIC BAR SURFING Bar Glasses  Schott Zwiesel BEER & LAGER Glasses  Schott Zwiesel BEER & LAGER Appreciation  

Schott Zwiesel CARAFES  Schott Zwiesel Champagne Glasses  Schott Zwiesel Champagne Tulip Glasses  

Schott Zwiesel COCKTAIL Glasses  Schott Zwiesel BRANDY Glasses  Schott Zwiesel CONVENTION Bar Glasses 

Schott Zwiesel DECANTERS  Schott Zwiesel GIN & TONIC Glasses  Schott Zwiesel CARAT Bar Glasses  

Schott Zwiesel COMETE Bar Glasses  Schott Zwiesel GLACE Bar Glasses  Schott Zwiesel ICE BUCKETS 

Schott Zwiesel JUGS & PITCHERS  Schott Zwisel LIFE Bar Glasses  Schott Zwiesel LIFE TOUCH Bar Glasses 

Schott Zwiesel Bar Mixing Jugs & Pitchers  Plastic Glasses for Spas & Outside  Schott Zwiesel PARIS ICEBERG Bar Glasses  

Schott Zwiesel PURE Bar Glasses  Schott Zwiesel COCKTAIL SHAKERS  Schott Zwiesel SUMMERMOOD Insulated Bar Glasses 

Schott Zwiesel TOSSA Bar Glasses  Schott Zwiesel VINA Bar Glasses  Schott Zwiesel VINA SHINE Bar Glasses 

Schott Zwiesel VINA SPOT COLOURS Bar Glasses  Schott Zwiesel VINA TOUCH Bar Glasses  Schott Zwiesel VINA TOUCH STEMS  

Schott Zwiesel WATER FLASKS  Schott Zwiesel WHISKY DECANTERS  Schott Zwiesel WHISKY GLASSES  

Schott Zwiesel WHISKY NOSING Glasses  Schott Zwiesel Quality through Design  Schott Zwiesel TRITAN Durable Crystal Glass 

Schott Zwiesel Available UK-wide


SCHOTT ZWIESEL UK | Bar Glasses Catalogue

Schott Zwiesel TRITAN Crystal Glass

SCHOTT ZWIESEL UK bar glass ranges

  • Manufactured from TRITAN® the world's only patented Crystal Glass
  • 60% stronger than ordinary crystal glass
  • Highly dishwasher resistant

10 Degrees  |  Banquet  |  Basic Bar by Charles Schumann  

Basic Bar Selection cut-glass by Charles Schumann  |  Convention  |  Life 

Paris  |  Pure |  Tossa  |  Vina Spots  |  Vina Touch  |  Bar Special 

Lager & Beer Glasses  |  Carafes & Jugs  |  Cocktail glasses


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