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FORTESSA® | U.S. Designed China, Chefs' Plates, Cutlery & Serveware

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Fine Bone China | Food & Beverage Presentation | FORTESSA®

Fine China | Dinnerware | Chefs' Plates | Serveware | Tea & Coffee Service | Accessories

Fortessa Tableware Solutions

Fortessa® fine bone china provides chefs & front of house staff solutions for perfectly presenting
food & beverages. This fine china is designed in the USA and manufactured using the classic, English 50/50 recipe.

You will find classic rim or coupe plates. Many ranges have subtle self-patterns.
All can be under-glaze badged or decorated to your own precise requirements.

Subtle Decoration | Light Weight | Translucent | Scratch resistant glaze | Chip Resistant Edges | Stack or Rack | Dishwasher safe

These ranges offer classic or contemporary dinner service patterns for sophisticated hospitality professionals.

Porcelain Colour-coded to Fine Bone China | Fortaluxe® SuperWhite®

Fortessa Tableware SolutionsFortaluxe® SuperWhite® is a Fortessa® development of the traditional porcelain manufacturing technique.

The modern Fortaluxe® manufacturing process 
delivers tableware that has:

  • Metalware scratch resistant glaze
  • Excellent hot/cold thermal shock resistance
  • Enhanced impact/edge chip resistance

The SuperWhite® formulation & glaze produces china with a pure white lustre, colour coded to fine bone china.

This enables the design and production of large or unusually shaped items at very affordable prices.

Fortessa® D&V TechnoCeramâ„¢ | for Brasseries, Bistros, Catering & Ethnic Eating 

Fortessa Tableware SolutionsFortessa® D&V TechnoCeramâ„¢ is a vitrified china reinforced with alumina oxide & Fortessa's proprietary glazes.

Designed for Brasseries, Bistros, Catering events & Ethnic restaurants,
this technical development delivers china with

  • Excellent chip resistance
  • High edge strength
  • Scratch resistant glaze
  • A dry foot (to avoid stacking wear marks)

FORTESSA®  Cutlery & Speciality Tableware Solutions

Fortessa | 18/10 stainless steel | Cutlery | Steak Knives | Serveware | Speciality Eating Implements | Accessories

Fortessa Tableware Solutions

Fortessa® cutlery, serveware & speciality eating implements are manufactured in the finest 18/10 stainless steel.
Pattern cutlery can also be silver-plated.

These ranges offer classic & modern flatware patterns for discerning hospitality professionals.

Fortessa Pattern Cutlery
Each cutlery pattern offers a complete range of table and dessert knives, forks & spoons.
Many ranges offer additional items: appetiser/cake forks, fish knives & forks, ice-coffee spoons & butter knives.

In addition, Fortessa offers:

  • Speciality Steak Knives
  • Serveware Utensils
  • Speciality Eating Implements
  • Chefs' Tasting & Appetiser Spoons
  • Tapas & Sharing Spoons & Forks
  • Cutlery Accessories like rests, etc

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